Distribution/in the news (samples)

Online 300+ news sites: Terepac joins who's who of North American IoT Technology

Print: Big redevelopment planned for Ratz-Bechtel site | Broadcast: CTV | CBC | 570News

Print: Schneiders property officially up for sale | Broadcast: CTV | CBC

'Unique' Schneiders site already attracting prospective buyers | CTV video

Print: Budds closing after 89 years in business | Broadcast: CTV | 570News | online

Web-connected objects get voice on 'Internet of Things' | National print/online

eSight Corp. eyewear helps legally blind to see | National print coverage  | Canada AM

Why Waterloo is set to dominate the Internet of Things market | CBC 

Internet of Things presents billions of opportunities | Communitech

Launch preparations: Maturing startups get support to locate space for growth

Startup fund donor named angel investor of the year | News release

Ideal Advisor Software Inc. names senior executives to team | (2,000+ online mentions)  

Authentik You: Tom Nunn Strategic Communications  article | TV interview

Resilience is the Waterloo way: column for Communitech 

Advisors' Edge Magazine, Advisor.ca: Article on protecting reputation

Tannery building, home to Communitech HUB, sold to Allied REIT 

Tech turmoil fails to topple commercial real estate market

Terepac Corporation engages with Rockwell Automation | (13,000+ online mentions)   

Mindr Mobile partners with National Council of Women | (1,000+ online mentions) 

Rink-board maker expands into larger quarters 

Tom Nunn Strategic Communications  (online mentions)